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Week 10
Money Shot

This is my first Money Shot which shows that the kids helping each other to make a good finished product.

Week 8
 Talent Show
Last Friday afternoon we had a talent show called ‘Kahukura’s Got Talent’. The judges were Kiri and Mrs McCabe. The hosts were Grace and Jessie and videoing the talent show was my job. So we can send it to Danielle. There were 19 people who shared their talent. It took nearly a whole afternoon. I took 18 videos and 1 photo. After each talent the judges made a comment each. When the talent show was finished Grace and the judges went down the other end and decided the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. After a few minutes, Grace and the judges came back. Then Grace and Jessie took the prizes and they told the winners. They started from the 3rd winners. The 3rd winner was Alex. The 2nd winner was Gabby. The 1st winners were Sophie, Romae and Megan. The 3rd and 2nd place got M&M's, the 1st place got Favourites and the others who shared their talent got a lollie.

Week 8
Flying On The Wall
Last week which was week 8, I went fly on the wall with Margarette and Heilee. We went to Pounamu to take photos. They were working on arts. Mrs. Smith told us one boy we are not allowed to take a photo. Who’s called Jay. I had no idea why is he not allowed to take photos. Still we went around the classroom and took some photos (expect Jay).  When we thought we took enough photos, we went back to class. While we were going back to our class, we thought why is Jay not allowed to take photos. Then when we went to class we looked at the photos. Some photos were funny and some photos were just fine. Then I went to show me and made this one big photo down here.⬇️

Week 6
Calendar Art
In week 6, we started calendar art.  We had three choices. Which was mosaic, silhouette and tapa cloth. I choosed mosaic. 

I used magazines, pencil, rubber, glue stick and paper.
So I started with a plan. Then I started my good copy. After when I finish my drawing, I got checked by Kiri and I got started looking for colours in the magazine. When I finished looking for colours I started gluing on the paper. Then I'm done.

Week 3-8
Greetings and Farewells
In E.S.O.L we were doing a greetings and farewells project. So we choose 15 to 20 greetings and farewells to take home then we translate into our own language and make it into a piece of an art out of it (e.g. hello =안녕 {greeting} bye=잘가 {farewell}). In my group there is Shileen, Heilee and Jack. Shileen is making a poster, Heilee is making a frame and I have no idea what Jack is making. 

 I used paper, glue stick, coloured paper (pink), scissors, black marker, fishing line, pencil and ruler. I used the ruler to mark the line and cut it. I needed to write down the English greeting and Korean greeting in a cutten piece of paper.  After when I did all of them I stick it all together. Then I did farewells. Once I finished the farewells I cut some fishing lines then I made one holes each. Then I put the fishing line into the holes. After that I made two strips of pink coloured paper. Then I wrote ‘New Zealand and Korea’ and I wrote ‘Greetings and Farewells’. Now it’s done .

Week 2-8
Sculpture Reflection 
What is found objects art?
A found object is recycling the things that we don't usually use. Like magazines. So you can use the found object to make a piece of art.

What did you make?  
I made a car out of magazines and it took me a long time to make it. I used some magazines, a hot glue gun, glue stick, one bead and some tape. I had to fold every piece of paper and stick it together to make the car. Also I hot glued some, taped some and glued some. 

What was your inspiration?  
When I had to look for found object sculpture, I went to safari and searched ‘recycled sculptures’ and it came out with lot of different things. So I went down to look for some ideas and I found lots of things I wanted to make. But when I went to look for some ideas again, I saw a car made out of magazines. So I thought it would be nice to make that and I saved it into my photos. Then when I went back to photos to choose what I'm going to make I choosed the magazine car, because it look the coolest. 

and this is the magazine car.

What went well?
I have two things that went well. First thing was I had Yuno helping me at the start because she made lots of  magazine rolls do when I needed a magazine roll I just pick one up so I can use it.My second thing is that I finished in time, because I thought it's going to take a long time but I concentrated a lot and so I finished in time.

What would you change/do differently next time?
If I change something I'll change two things. First one is make the ground part harder, because if I touch the ground part it was moving like a wave so I want to change that. My second thing is the not using tape, because when I use tape it looked messy but when I used hot glue gun it wasn't messy so I want to not use the tape and use the hot glue instead.

Week 2-4
Capturing a moment  in Time

Everyone in my class went out to take a selfie to capture a moment in time. I went with my friend Margarette. We took a selfie in front of the green wall, in front of the playground and in front of the ladder in the playground. I choosed but we didn't have much time, because we had to go E.S.O.L.

Art Sculpture 

Everyone in my class is working on the Artist Research. With Mrs McCabe we are doing Artist Research, Two See, Think, Wonder Maps and Art Sculpture Plan. For the Artist Research I chose Te Rongo Kirkwood. She is a Maori Artist. She was born in Auckland. For my Two See, Think, Wonder Maps I choose a Long Stair and a Tin Robot. And for my Art Sculpture Plan I making a car made out of  magazines and I'm working with Yuno.
This is the steps.
Plan for Sculpture 

What:Magazine Car

Who:  Yuno 

Where: form setting

Magazine or newspapers 
Glue stick

Cut the magazines.
Roll it.
When it's near the end, get a glue stick to stick it.
Make the same thing over and over again.
When you got enough magazine rolls you stick it together to make a car.
If you need more magazine rolls just follow step two and three.

Key competency 
My Key Competency is helping from Participate and Contribute, because Yuno doesn't know much so I can help her understand.

Things we need to do before we start making the car.
Ask for magazines.

I want to improve on my helping skills, because Yuno doesn't know much so I can help her understand.

Week 1
About our art trip

Yesterday we went to Art Gallery, Margaret Mahy Playground and walking around the City to look for some Street Art.

In the class the teachers tells us about our groups at the trip, I was with Andrea. In my group there was Grace, Jacob, Josh and Alex.

We got out of the class, walked underneath the bridge, around the field and outside of the back fence of our school, and there was a big blue bus waiting for us to arrive.

I get onto the bus and sit down with my friend Grace. We put our bags down and started to talk. I started to show Grace two magic tricks. While I was showing Grace my first magic trick, I accidentally dropped a dice and it went to under the steps. Luckily Grace’s mum Andrea picked it up for me. Soon the bus started to move. 

Later on, the bus stopped in front of a big glass building. We said thank you to the bus driver and we got off the bus. It was the Art Gallery. Lots of people took their iPad out and took some photos of the bull on the piano and the hand on the the top of the building. We waited, waited and waited. Soon Kiri came out and we followed Kiri.

Inside the building I saw a lot of artwork. Kiri told us to sit down on the ground. But lots of people ran over to  couch. So Kiri told them to get down and told the adults to sit in the couch. The ground was so warm. Soon a lady came over and talk about the Art Gallery .

After the lady talks we split into our groups and we put our bags away in a trolley and we started to go up the stairs. While we were going up the stairs on the top the chairs and tables were stuck at the top and they had lights on them.

The first room that we went in was all about pictures there was a lot of people that didn't wear clothes. Looking around the first room I couldn't understand what the artist drew this picture for?

We went out of the first room and we went to the second room which was just beside the first room we went. There was a lot of things for play. Like a wheel, paints, see saw, minion bag and more. Also there was candys beside a hand. We didn't have much time left so we had to go to the other room.

This time we went past the curved bridge and we went into the first room that we saw.

I'll call this the third room. It was a big room. When we went in I knew that it was divided into lots of rooms. There was a part that had only pictures and some part had fun things and some parts made me feel not good and some was a little bit boring for me. Also there was a part that was shining out, so we went in and it had a glass window so we saw The City Council Building at the front. 

After seeing all of the things in the third room. It was the time to go back to the first floor to have our morning tea.  After morning tea we packed our bags and said thank you to the Art Gallery staffs and gave them a big clap.

Now we're out of the Art Gallery. And now we are going to the Margaret Mahy Playground. We had to walk a lot. Soon we can see the flying fox at Margaret Mahy Playground. But my friend Shileen couldn't find the flying fox. Soon she found it.

Now we are at Margaret Mahy Playground. We sat down in front of the chair. Kiri and Danielle told us the rules and other things. When they said go and have fun, everyone ran off like a running race. My friends and I went too. 

We went to big silver slide, small trampolines, see saw, round blue slide and round swing. Also we went to the toilet for fun, actually we went to the toilet because last year Abbey’s speech was about the toilet in Margaret Mahy Playground and we wanted to check it out. Grace went in. When I went in Shileen followed me into the toilet. When we closed the door a sound came out. “Press the button to lock the door.” I was scared so when Shileen press the button just before the sound came out I pressed the unlock button and I got out of that scary toilet. The toilet just flushed. Shileen came after me laughing. Grace came out soon too. Shileen was telling Grace what I did in the toilet, and I was still laughing.

We went to the big silver slide and we held hands then we went down the slide. We called it the friend chip slide. The reason we said friend chip is because that is our friendship group name.

Soon we heard the whistle. We went to where our bags are and we started to eat our lunch. After lunch we got a choice. Which was play hide and seek or play in the playground. My friends and I choosed to play in the playground, because we can play hide and seek in the school but we can't come to Margaret Mahy Playground with our friends.

Soon we heard the whistle again. Now it is the time for Street Art. We went in our groups. When it was the time to look for some Street Art I needed to go to the scary toilet. I went in. The sound came out. “Press the button to lock the toilet.” When I pressed the button, the sound came out again. “You got 10 minutes until the door opens.” Then some song just came out. When I was washing my hand, the toilet just flushed. Also when I was putting some water in my hand, the soap just came to the ground.

We went off to look for Street Art. I didn't think the Street Art is fun. But soon I liked it just like the Art Gallery. I took 59 photos while at Street Art. Soon it was the worst thing. THE DANCE O MAT!  But the good thing was when we when to Dance O Mat, the Dance O Mat was out of order. ‘Yay!’ I thought. Soon all of the groups came. So we went back to go on the bus. It was really fun day.

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