Thursday, 28 September 2017


My New Schools
Do you remember the feeling of moving to a new school? Did you start the new school with excitement or start with sadness and missing your best friends and your teachers?

I started my first school with excitement. I really enjoyed being at my first school, playing with my best friends, and being at the after school programs every day. I really enjoyed everyday at school. Did you enjoy your first school like me? 

But what if your parents said you will be moving to a new school next year. How would you feel? Does it makes you feel excited or make you nervous? It didn't make me excited because I'd only been to the school for a year and I had to move to another school. I didn't want to move from my school, but soon it was my last day at my first school. I was so sad that I nearly cried.

After the holidays I went to my new school with my mum. We went to the office to check in and find my new class. I said bye to my Mum and I went up the stairs, walked through the walk ways and there was my class. I took a deep breath and walked into the class. Everyone in my class had someone from last year to play and talk with but I was sitting by myself at the very end of the class. Soon my teacher came in and she gave us a name tag. 

I felt sad, but I didn't have to worry. Soon I had two to three friends and by the end of the term I had five to six friends. The year went really fast. That it felt it was the last day of the term but it was actually the last day of the year. I felt sad, but I knew I could meet my friends next year, but this year was my last year at this school. Like my first school I went to. I had to say bye to my friends.

But the thing the that made me scared was that we are moving to another country called New Zealand. My brother and I learnt a little bit of English from my cousin and it was nearly the time to go to New Zealand. 

When my family went to New Zealand I thought it isn't much different with Korea. Except couple of things. Like there is no tall buildings and there wasn't as many cars as Korea. My Mum told me about my new school. She said they have something to put scooters in front of the class. Also she told me that my new school is called Waimairi.

When we went to Waimairi School, it was really different than I thought. The reason is the school is not a tall building and they wear uniform. When I went in the class there wasn't our own chair and own desk. Everyone was sitting on the ground. Luckily there was a Korean girl called Elizabeth. She was my only friend at school. But soon she told me that she is moving to Auckland. When she moved the first friend I meet was Margarette. Then Grace came on term three and next year I meet Nadine, Larrisa and Shileen. Then the next year when Nadine left Heilee came. Then we had Yuno. But she left too. I knew that when we move to another school there is always someone kind and there is always someone can be your friend.

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  1. Dear Seohyun,
    Your speech reminds me of moving to New Zealand. I love your speech. :)