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Model of Playground 
Who I'm working with 
Ollie and Zoe

Popsicle sticks
Coloured papers 
Kabob sticks 
Bottle caps 
Bendable wires 
Craft cutter 
Toilet paper roll  
Paint/paint brush 
Scissors school
Hot glue sticks
Coloured pens and pencils 

What we are making
Monkey bars
Merry go round
Climbing wall
Flying fox 
Tire swing 
Basketball hoop

Slide, climbing wall, ladder
Cut a cardboard in the a rectangle shape.
Stick the bead in the cardboard.
Now the climbing wall is done.
Cut two kabob sticks (The same size us the cardboards).
Cut the pointed part of the toothpicks and keep make it the same size.
Use a hot glue gun to stick it on.
Now the ladder is finished.
Cut a cereal box for a slide.
Get a coloured paper and put a glue on one part of the cereal box.
Stick it onto the coloured paper.
Put some glue at the cereal box.
Fold it and it will stick.
Put a glue again and fold it.
Cut the leftover paper piece (don't cut the top part)
Make it bendy.
Cut the top part triangle.
Now the slide is done.
Cut the toilet paper roll in half. 
Get some popsicle sticks.
Use a hot glue gun to stick the popsicle stick on the toilet paper roll.
Stick the ladder and the slide in circle side of the toilet paper roll and stick the rock climbing wall at the top of the popsicle stick.

Tire swing 
Get a tire.
Cut three strings the same size.
Tie it up on the tire.
Tie three strings together and stick it to popsicle stick.

See saw
Cut a long piece of cardboard.
Cut the sponge into triangle shape.
Stick a piece of paper on the sponge.
Get some string and tie the sponge and the cardboard together.
Get some glue and two popsicle sticks.
Put some glue on the popsicle stick and put it under the cardboard.
Colour a wood and let it dry.
Stick it together.

Basketball hoop
Get the lego equipments.
Then stick it together.

Merry go round 
Draw a circle.
Cut it with a craft cutter.
Make a hole in the middle of the circle.
Get a kabob stick then cut it into half.
Stick the kabob stick with a hot glue gun.
Put the circle in.
Stick the string around the kabob stick.
Cut two small tire and one big tire in half.
Stick it around the circle.
Cut some strow.
Put it top of the kabob stick.

Balance Beam
Cut two piece of 1 cm popsicle sticks.
Stick it at the each end of the popsicle stick.
Stick a coloured paper.

Get some protective disks.
Write the numbers.
Stick it on the right order.

What are you designing?
I am designing a model of a playground with Ollie and Zoe.

What's working well and why?
The hopscotch, balance beam, climbing wall ladder and basketball hoop were the ones that worked well, because we didn't have to restart it and it was easier than others.

What struggles are you encountering and why?
My struggle was working with new people, because Ollie and Zoe mucked around a lot (for example they go to their friends than talk for a long time).

What improvements would you like to make and why?
The improvements that I want to make are to make a handle and a seat for the merry go round and make a high stand presentation, because we didn't have much time to do the presentation.

What is your next step?
To pick my work partners carefully, because the partners that I picked wasn't a good choice. Also thinking carefully before I start, because some of the things in our playground was keep taking down. 

Rocket Balloon 
Introduction : What is force? 
Push is a forward force. e.g you push a door and when your friend is sitting on the swing and you can push your friend so your friend can go high.

Pull is a toward force. e.g you pull the door to close and if you pull your tote tray to take out something it's also a pull.

Gravity is another force, gravity keeps us on earth. If we didn't had gravity around the earth we will be floating around.

Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion was          
One, inertia: and object will continue to be as is until a force changes it.
Two, acceleration: when an object up increasing speed.
Three, for every action there is a reaction.

What did I do?
I did force science activity which was rocket balloon. I did with Margarette and Shileen. Savannah joined us again afterwards. 
We used 3m string, 10cm straw, normal balloon, water balloon, masking tape, chair, metre rulers and small table.
Our steps were…… 
Measure the string. 
Cut the straw into 10cm
Stick one side of the string at the table.
Put the straw into the string.
Stick the other side of the string at chair.
Stick the balloon at the top of the straw.
Blow the balloon.
Leave the balloon and see the balloon goes in the string.

What did you change?
We changed string tension, firm to loose it took the balloon 7.90 seconds to go along 3m string. We found out that when we made our string loose it goes a lot slower than we thought but when we try the same thing second time it when lot faster the time was 2.65 seconds. We were all confused. After we tried with other kind of balloon. Which was a water balloon. When we let the water balloon to go, it went very very fast. The time was 0.73 seconds. We were wondering why the water balloon goes faster than the normal balloon? I learnt that the water balloon is faster than the normal balloon and the firm string and loose string makes lot difference. The force in our rocket balloon is when we blew up and let it to go, the air inside the balloon pushes the balloon to go.

What does this learning make you wonder?
When we made the string loose, why is it slower?
After few more times with water balloon, I wondered that it could go faster because of the space in the balloons (I think water balloon have small space to take the balloon because it's long and quite skinny and the normal balloon is fat)?
I want to use this learning by teaching my brother how to make it at holidays.

Science Blog Week 
Week: 7 (second one)
What I have done?
Today I got another push and pull science activity to choose. Which was golf course and pulley system. I choosed pulley system because I wanted to find more out about the push and pull science from the pulley system and the way how and why the pulley system works. I worked with Margarette. We used box, tape, coloured papers, coloured sticker, string, hook, toilet paper roll, straw and scissor.

What I have found out?
I found out that when I pull the string towards me the paper cup slowly comes up and if I just leave the string it goes fast as a bike keep rolling off from the string. And the hook holds the string so the cup doesn't fall off. Also I have found out that if I pull or push it can move the cup. A bigger push or pull makes things speed up or slow down more quickly.

What I wonder?
I wonder if we put at the front some zig zag lines with pencils will it still make the cup goes up? I also wonder if we don't use cardboard what will be another things that we can use as a cardboard?

Science Blog Week 
Week: 7 (first one)
What I have done?
Today I did rocket balloon with Margarette and Shileen, but soon Savannah joined in. We used 3 metre string, 10cm straw, balloon, tapes, chair, metre ruler and towel holder. We worked in room 12 kitchen.

What I found out?
I learnt that when we blow the balloon smaller is until reaches the end. Also when we accidentally made the string a bit more longer I learnt that before we start we have to measure the string.

What I wonder?
When we use same 3 metre string, same size balloon and same 10cm straw, why does the time not the same? When we put the string as a shape well it work?

Science Blog Week 
Week: 6
What I have done?
Today I got to choose between three push and pull science activity which was  bouncing basketballs, chair pulley and ping pong ramp. I chose the ping pong ramp, because I wanted to know about  how far will it goes and how many times it failed and was successful. I worked with Margarette, Shileen and Grace in the tiered seating. We used two metre rulers, clipboard, books, book holder, two pipe phones and ping pong ball.

What I have found out?
Today I found out that on our first test we put the metre ruler in straight line in tiered seating and it worked, because it want as a straight line the gravity pushed the ball and the ball went straight on the hole of metre ruler. We tried at different angle it want faster but it failed a lot. We tried in more than 5 different angles but we forget to use the protractor to measure the angle so we don't really know the angle. When we made the ramp as a down and up ramp when it went down it went fast as a bike but it didn't got up because of the gravity. The gravity pushes down but it doesn't make it go up. When we tried 90 degree angle it just failed, because it didn't go straight down it went out of the course and went down.

What I wonder?
I wonder if we made the ramp more higher than we made will it can go up a bit because when we used the metre ruler it didn't went up. Also if we made the ramp as a zig zag will it work? And if we use other kind of rulers without the hole will it work or more fail than this?

Science Blog Week 
Week: 5
What I've done?
Today I got three choices it was chair pulley, ping pong ramp and basketball. I choosed chair pulley, because it looked challenging and fun. I worked with Margarette, Shileen, Grace and Larrisa. We used a chair, rope, basket and dolls.

What have I found out?
I have found out that if we push it with one hand and pull with other hand it goes more faster.

What I wonder?
I wonder if we put the chair far and string will tight then will the basket go faster?

Science Blog Week 
Week: 4
What I've done? 
I have done making catapult and rocket balloon.

What have I found out?
I have found out that when we make our catapult it made the cotton ball go higher not farther.
I have found out that the rocket balloon can go up not only down.

What I wonder?
I wonder can the catapult go backwards not forwards.
I wonder that the rocket balloon can go straight up into the air.

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