Monday, 26 June 2017

High Rope

High Rope
Second day at camp, we walked along the wooden bridge passed the road and we came to the highest activity in camp. The high ropes. It was very high and I felt like I am an ant standing in the wood pieces on the ground. We were looking and listening to Ollie who's explaining us but only a couple of words got into my head. The 10 minutes was like 1 hour.

 After all the talk and explaining we get into groups and we line up in front of the giant ladder. I felt like bursting with excitement like the popcorns jumping out of the popcorn machine. When it was my turn I raced to the front. We all got checked for the safety and now we're ready to go. I put my first step onto the ladder. The ladder was extra wobbly, because two groups were climbing up the ladder. First and second was easy to get up, but it's getting more difficult. I felt nervous and scared it was more difficult than I thought. I thought that I might fall down. 

 I went half way through the course and I got down. My legs were very tired.

After one more go my legs were like a jelly that nearly broke.

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