Thursday, 11 May 2017


No one noticed me for a year. I was waiting on the top of the shelf for someone to buy me.

 One day before Christmas I was still waiting. But I was feeling something today, like someone will buy me tonight. It was true. A girl call Grace came in with her mum and she bought me. I was bursting with excitement like popcorns coming out of the popcorn machine. 

I was a superstar for a little bit before Grace started finding another headband to replace me with. Pink and silver were her favourite colours so I couldn't compete against that. She loved the new one. She never wore me again. 

One unexpected sunny day Grace put me into the pretty purple box with all the stuff that she doesn't use then she donated me to a young girl called Ella who lived beside our house. 

The good thing was she loved me. Ella wore me every day I always slept on the brown bedside table just beside Ella’s pink and white bed.

Every morning everything start with excitement. Every night I was always thinking what I'm going to do tomorrow but the thing was the time went very very fast and soon Ella got older, older and older. She didn't donate me but she put me onto the wooden shelf with the thing that was a part of her memories.

 One rainy morning Ella’s family came into our house and they looked around and were busy talking. Ella’s big sister’s daughter called Ruby kept looking at me. And she wants me. Ella gave me to Ruby when they are having dinner. Next morning I was on way to Ruby's house and I knew that it will be the starting of my new life.

In my writing I have emotion words and some wow words.

My next step is to use ‘alliteration’ in my writing.

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