Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Highest building

Highest building 

How many floors do you think are in highest building? It isn't finished but it will be 168 floors and it will be the highest building in the world. It’s called the Jeddah tower and it’s in Saudi Arabia.

 The second highest building is Burj Khalifa. That has  163 floors in it. That’s in the Arab Emirates.

And the last highest building is Lotte World Tower. That has 123 floors in it. That's in South Korea. That will be finished this year.

They all have elevators. The parking place is underground. If we go up the to one of building, then we can see clouds and all houses, cars and people below look like colourful toys.

One day I was with my reading group and we read about firefighters. In New York on 2001 there was a big fire on a high building. And a lot of firefighters went to the building, then firefighters try their hardest to save other people's lives.

I think soon another highest building will be in the world

Some people think high buildings are awesome, but sometimes there is terrible things that happen in high buildings. I like high buildings but now I scared a bit of high buildings. 

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  1. I really like the way you said '' cars and people below look like colourful toys.''
    It makes the building you're talking about seem higher.