Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Fiona Virtue

An Interview with Fiona Virtue 

Fiona Virtue is a year 5,6 teacher in Waimairi Primary School.

She talks to Kiri and year 5,6 teachers who share ideas with each other. To choose where to go on a trip Fiona talks to Mr Anderson.

She teaches mathematics,writing and some reading to her students.

Sometimes if  children in room 12 or 13 do a great job then she tells the other teacher.

Sometimes Fiona teaches other students or talks to Kiri and get ideas from each other.

She takes her ideas from the curriculum book. Some students can't understand and that helps her teach that student.

Fiona is very kind and very nice. I'm very lucky to come Waimairi School and meet nice and kind teachers.

By Seohyun 

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  1. Hi Seo Hyun. It was fabulous to read your interview with Fiona and to find out how she works cooperatively with Kiri to help teach all the children in Kahukura. She sounds like a kind and helpful teacher to have which is a connection with you because you have been such a kind and helpful buddy reader to the children in Kohara. We appreciate you giving up your time each day to listen to them while they practise their reading. Love Mrs O.