Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Camp in Korea

   ----My Camp Story----                                   ⛺️⛲️⛰⛩⚽⛺️⛲️⛰⚽️⛩

In my morning family went camping.
We went with The Seokhun and Minsol ’s family . Those families are kind of friends with my family, but they are younger than me.
I'm 11, Seokhun is 10, My brother is 9, and Minsol is 8.
Also, the Seokhun ’s family don’t know that we are in Korea and we are going camping with them also. But one person does know we are here and that is Aunt Seokhun and Minsol’s mom. Our trip back to Korea is a secret. Suddenly they see us! We get out of the car.

I see lots of things. We go into the hotel and there are three horses there. We rode horses. 

After the horse ride, we go up stairs to go room.We play with clay dough, then we see a movie. After see movie we eat a dinner and have strawberries, and they taste so nice.
Then we play taekwondo with my Dad. Then we play game uno.We play two times of uno the first one I win and next Minsol wins. 

At night we go to the bedroom. SeoJun falls asleep first, then Minsol sleep second, but me and Seokhun don't sleep because me and Seokhun is scared, and yet I have no idea why we are scared. 

In the morning uncle and Minsol got up first, then I got up and 5mins after Seokhun got up and 10mins later my brother got up. That day we found an animal farm. 

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